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Please note: the Changeworks Press website and publications are being redesigned. Right now, most links are not operational, and not indexed by Google. But the website will be complete by Oct 16, and The Changeworks Intelligence Report will be available to subscribers by Oct 30. This new newsletter will serve people who are working, or seeking to work, in U.S.-based organizations committed to progressive or radical social change. A preview of the home page text is provided below.

Changeworks Press recognizes that if there was ever a time for people to work for progressive or radical change, now is that time.

To help people in the United States make a difference — and make a good living while doing so — Changeworks Press publishes a monthly newsletter, The Changeworks Intelligence Report.

Whether you are currently working for change, or you want to start working for change, The Changeworks Intelligence Report allows you to learn about new job openings, new social movement organizations and campaigns, hiring trends, training opportunities, tips and sources for securing job leads, plus other practical information. Regular features include interviews with career activists and organizers, and detailed investigative reports of organizations regarding objectives, strategies, tactics, working conditions, and compensation.

To promote effective activism across the Left, Changeworks Press also publishes a free section of the website broadly entitled For The Left. This section features a variety of columns and blogs, including:

  • Best Praxis — practical tips for organizers, advocates, protesters, fundraisers, and other organizational staff members or participants in social change movements. Updated monthly.
  • Dispatches — analyses of the challenges and opportunities facing activists for democracy, equality, social justice, peace, and freedom in the current historical conjuncture. Updated monthly.
  • Misc Mediamedia links and excerpts: sometimes amusing, always revealing or insightful. Updated at least once a week.

Please email if you have any questions, or if you would like to be notified when new postings or newsletter issues become available.

Page last modified: 24 September 2018

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